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Tomorrow’s Ballot for Article 3

Just so there’s no mystery: here’s the ballot Pawlet voters will see tomorrow for Article 3. The Rupert ballot will be identical, except of course it will say “Rupert.”

Although the article’s language is easily confusing, the upshot is this:

  • If you want things to stay pretty much as they are- sending children to New York for public high school- vote YES.
  • If you want children to have greater access to more choices of school, including Vermont public schools, at the tuition of the Vermont State Average- vote NO.

I could repeat the arguments here in favor of voting “NO,” since that’s what I intend to do, but I won’t. What with all the many-hour public forums,  pro and con flyers flying about, and lawn signs popping up everywhere, you probably know all the arguments backwards and forwards at this point. I figure any local resident who hasn’t fully made up their mind one way or the other by now is either dead or… no they’re probably dead.