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Remember how I was afraid to be happy about the school merger vote passing in both Rupert and Pawlet? How I had this weird, lingering doubt that this contentious issue could possibly have been put to rest at last?

Funny story.

Turns out some Rupert residents petitioned for- and got- the right to revote the merger question.

So… right.

Maybe I just haven’t been paying attention, but this particular vote seems to me to be especially, almost troublingly, quiet– especially in contrast to the previous hubbubs. I have yet to see ANY publicizing of the vote today in any of the local media. I haven’t driven through Rupert lately, so I don’t know if there are exclamation-point-filled signs out arguing with each other again, but somehow I doubt it. Mum seems to be the word this time- on both sides.

To make it legal, of course, a few days ago they still had to hold the four-zillionth public informational meeting- also unpublicized as far as I could tell. Maybe you’re one of the people who could bear to go rehash the same arguments over yet again, who isn’t sick to death of the division, the bickering, and what has devolved into some pretty nasty name-calling. I wasn’t.

I love asking super-obvious questions so here goes: is there a single solitary soul left in either town who is still on the fence here? Are any minds being changed at this point? I don’t think so. Rather, I think this is more of an “Are you sure??” vote.

So, for better or for worse the moment is here— again— for Rupert residents to be heard. Please Rupert- go vote. Today. For crying out loud.

And stay tuned.