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We all need art and creativity to help make sense of the world, especially during a time of crisis. But so many things are online by necessity now. How can people experience art without the involvement of a screen?

Because my husband Steve and I create art together, we’ve been thinking about this issue a lot.

Then recently we thought: drive-by artwork. Yes!

Driving down River Road, residents of the area will now notice the result of our efforts: a ten foot by 42 inch artwork placed in the hayfield across from our house. Entitled My Heart is Very Big, it is intended as a gift to our friends, neighbors, and community, a work of art that people can enjoy while still following quarantine regulations and being safe.

The work is meant to be legible from the road, and depicts an image of a woman in a field carrying a basket. Around her are painted the words: My heart is very big. Sometimes I wonder if it is big enough.

We hope to make more artworks to display in the field; people are welcome to park in the parking lot of Indian Hill Gallery (671 River Road) if they would like to approach the works on foot. We hope the works bring a positive art experience to folks during this unusual and challenging time.

Come see it!

For more information about My Heart is Very Big or other artworks by EveNSteve, please visit EveNSteve.com.