EveNSteve are very excited to announce that our hayfield art exhibit in Pawlet has been receiving outstanding regional and national media attention! We are now featuring four monumental works of art on River Road, perfect for drive-by viewing. Additionally, we have a parking area and a walking path for those who would like to walk the field and see the works up close. Free and open to the public, this temporary art exhibit is on display as a gift to our community during this challenging time.

To see what people are making of Pawlet’s hayfield art exhibit, check out the three news clips below…

The hayfield exhibition has now grown to be part of a larger series of monumental, outdoor works which we are calling Monuments to Now. The most recent piece, a thirteen-foot tall artwork, has just been installed on the front lawn of the Bennington Museum as part of the NoBoss Sculpture exhibition which will be on display till November. Check out the 2+ minute video below to see the installation process last week!

Selections for current TV media:



Recent installation at the Bennington Museum, Vermont as part of the NoBoss sculpture exhibition.


For more information please visit: http://www.evensteve.com