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The public is invited to a free Artist Walk and Talk on Saturday, Sept. 18 at 3PM at the Hayfield Art Gallery at 671 River Road in Pawlet. Early arrivers are welcome to picnic or stroll along the picturesque Mettawee River. Viewers of all ages are invited to come enjoy The Dollhouse Family and the Black Strawberry, currently on display.

The outdoor art gallery is the creation of EveNSteve, the husband and wife team of author Eve O. Schaub and artist Stephen Schaub, and was installed in the hayfield across the street from their home and art studio during 2020, as “a gift to our friends, neighbors, and community.”

“Art helps us to make sense of the world,” Eve Schaub said. “We both felt strongly that during times of uncertainty we need art more than ever.”

The artworks featured are monumental film photographs taken by Stephen, hand-painted with text written by Eve, and then attached to outdoor scaffolding to withstand the Vermont elements as best they can. They include one that reaches thirteen feet in height and another that is thirty-four feet long.

Since opening in 2020, the Hayfield Art Gallery has been the subject of news stories on NBC Boston News at Ten, New England Cable News, WTEN Albany ABC, WCAX Burlington CBS, and articles in Seven Days, the Rutland Herald, and the Times Argus.

The Dollhouse and the Black Strawberry, composed of six monumental works, is on display through spring of 2022.

“During the last year, our world, like that of so many people, had shrunk until it became more or less restricted to the size of our house.” Eve says. “We wanted to make a series of artworks that spoke to this unusual and fraught time, and my old childhood dollhouse reminded us that the process of play has much in common with the process of making art.”

Each work in the series features a different character from the Dollhouse Family and addresses a different theme: of looking outward, of looking inward, of transformation and revelation.\

The event will take place on Sept. 18 at 3 PM rain or shine. The Hayfield Art Gallery is free and open to the public. For more information please visit evensteve.com or call 802-287-0287.